English: COVID-19 Measures

Our hotel has taken the following measures based on the health protocol

  1. Development of an action plan and a suspicious case management plan 
  2. Staff training in compliance with the health protocol
  3. Implementing a cleaning and disinfection program, in accordance with No. Δ1γ / Γ.Π / οικ 19954 / 20.03.2020 Regulation of the Greek Ministry of Health entitled “Measures for cleaning and disinfection of spaces and surfaces according to the evolution of the pandemic of SARS-CoV2” (APA: 6ΚΨ6465ΦΥΟ-1ΝΔ), currently in force
  4. Reinforcement of sanitary services in all public areas and in particular regarding “high risk” objects (e.g. doorknobs, elevator knobs)
  5. Adoption of policy for waiting 24 hours between regular cleaning and making the room available to clients, or thorough cleaning – disinfection (e.g. using a steam cleaner) of the surfaces in the room and bathroom.
  6. Cancelation of the service of daily change of sheets and towels
  7. The provisions of no. D1 (d) / GP oik.26635 / 23.04.2020 Regulation of the Greek Ministry of Health entitled “Taking measures to ensure public health from viral and other infections during the use of air conditioning units” (APA: air and good natural ventilation in rooms and other areas (shutdown of the air conditioning system when the doors are open).
  8. Prevention of legionnaires’ disease in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  9. Elevators: recommendation to customers to avoid using elevators. Installation of disinfectants at the entrances and recommendations for use at the entrance and exit.
  10. Installation of antiseptic solutions (fixed or non-fixed devices) for dry hand antiseptic in all common areas
  11. It is forbidden for non-residents to enter the rooms
  12. Contact details – Telephone numbers:
    EODY (National Organisation for Public Health)  → 1135
    Rio General University Hospital  →  2613 60 3000
    Nafpaktos Health Center → 2634